Auto Body Repair in Apex, NC

Auto Body Repair in Apex, NC
Vehicle damage can occur almost anywhere, even while parked. A collapsed shelf in the garage, a runaway shopping cart or that mailbox you didn't see as you pulled out of the driveway can all end up causing dings, dents and paint damage to your vehicle. Thankfully you have a team of expert auto body repair technicians at Cary Collision Center that can handle the damage and restore your car's good looks. So if your vehicle has suffered any type of aesthetic flaw leave it to us to handle the problem! Call us today to request an appointment for outstanding auto body repair in Apex.

Paintless Dent Removal

We offer a revolutionary auto body repair process called paintless dent removal. This allows us to repair dings and dents without having to use body filler or even repaint the effected area, saving the vehicle owner time and money! When recommended and conducted by a professional auto body technician this process works flawlessly 95 percent of the time on damage that includes:
  • Door Dents
  • Bumper Dents
  • Hood & Trunk Dents
  • Fender Dents
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Scratch Repair

Scratch Repair
If your car has fallen victim to paint scratches we can quickly repair them using one of multiple processes. Scratches, like other types of damage, can allow for bare metal to be exposed to the elements which can lead to rust issues. Rust will quickly eat away at vehicles, causing structural and safety problems for the car.

No matter what sort of damage your vehicle has suffered our team has the experience necessary to return your vehicle to factory condition. We will gladly work directly with your insurance company to ensure that all repairs are covered to the highest degree!
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Ding Repair

Vehicles are constantly subjected to minor damage, but for the Cary Collision Center team there is no job that is too big or too small. We understand that looks are important and getting that unsightly ding taken care of is an important part of keeping up appearances and overall vehicle maintenance.

Color Match Painting in Apex

When the exterior of a vehicle is damaged in an accident it's almost guaranteed that the paint job has also been damaged in the process. Car owners may feel wary of getting collision repair done since they don't want the paint to look like a different color once the work is complete. However, it's helpful to know that there are collision repair centers that specialize in all variety of auto body repair, including color match painting. Using advanced equipment, this state-of-the-art technology is capable of pinpointing the exact color of your vehicle and ensuring the paint used in the repair process will blend in perfectly with the existing color. Color match painting means your vehicle will receive the auto body repair it requires, as well as the paint job that restores it to its pre-accident condition. Win, win!